Friday Fodder: Raising Rainbows Scholarship

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Raising My Rainbow

During my travels around the nation speaking to different groups and organizations, I fell in love with a school in Greenfield, Massachusetts. The Center School is a progressive, independent day school that offers rigorous education for deep thinkers and creative spirits. Seriously, everything about the school and its community of faculty, staff, students and parents have me enraptured and wishing that C.J. could go to The Center School or a school like it.

The school has become a safe haven for gender creative kiddos. As of next year, the school will have four transgender and two gender non-conforming students and a gender creative staff member. How cool is that? Even cooler? They just launched a Raising Rainbows Scholarship in my honor.

The Center School’s Raising Rainbows scholarship, established in 2015, provides tuition support for Center School students who are transgender, gender nonconforming, gender creative, or who have family members…

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Bullying Affects Educators As Well: The Loss of Karis Ann Ross

I’ve been doing some writing for this great blog. Check out my latest post and many other important conversations this group of educators are having.

Young Teachers Collective

By: Alexander Walker

Bullying isn’t isolated only to students at school. It affects the teachers, administrators, and staff as well. For many LGBTQ teachers this is a common occurrence.

Earlier this month, Karis Anne Ross’s mother Jill Grienke came forward to make sure Milwaukee Public Schools handle Karis Anne Rossfuture bullying situations differently. Karis was a transgender woman who was a long time special educator of the German Immersion Public School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In November 2014 she committed suicide after being bullied for years. Her own colleagues were said to have bullied her before and after her transition.

As a native Wisconsinite, a man of trans experience, and a special educator, it pains me to see another life lost within the transgender community. When I transitioned, I made a decision to keep my trans status private. One of my biggest fears was not being able to stay in the teaching profession…

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Book Released!

Over the past almost two years, I’ve been working on an anthology of transmasculine experiences with a great co-editor Emmett Lundberg. We’re pleased to announce the release of:

FindingMasculinityFrontCover (1)

Cover Design by: Sheyam Ghieth

Finding Masculinity: Female to Male Transition in Adulthood, a collection of essays from a small cross section of the transgender male community that shares insight into the diversity of life experiences of transgender men, beyond the traditional narrative.

This anthology examines the many facets of life that transition impacts; transitioning on the job, emotional and spiritual growth, family, navigating the medical community, as well as romantic relationships. The true stories come from scientists, teachers, fathers, veterans, and artists who share how being visible as the masculine humans they identify as has developed, changed, and evolved their sense of masculinity.

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